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I don’t know how many of these posts I have read, but in the spirit of spamming the internet, here is my list of my all time favorite WordPress plug-ins. When picking a plug-in, I keep in mind that I will not be making the updates, but my clients will be. So I try to pick plug-ins that are easy to operate only.  I do not want my clients to update html or code files, so as a wise man once said…

“Keep it simple stupid’.

Here we go:

1.  All-in-one SEO

I love this plug-in. It is probably my favorite. It is very easy to install and allows the end-user to make updates to meta tags, sef urls, and can even handle canonical urls. Just install it! You’ll be happy later. You can download the plug-in here.

2. WordPress Navigation List Plugin NAVT

Another favorite of mine. This requires a bit more time to setup. You need to add the plug-in calls to your theme. Once you can get passed that part, this plug-in is a dream. It allows the end-user to update navigation/menu items with a very nice AJAX interface. I mentioned earlier, these plug-ins are for the end-user. I have yet to see a menu admin as nice as this. You can find this plug-in here.

3. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a very handy contact form tool. I will admit it is limited in advanced input types, but for most of your contact needs, it is very handy. CF7 is very nice to update and edit the email that is sent. I used to use ChronoII for a long time, but switched over to Contact Form 7. ChronoII has their quirks too, but I found CF7 was just sweet and simple. You can download this plug-in here.

4. Google XML Sitemaps

Google Sitemaps is a must. Google makes up most of the searched traffic and you would be silly not to get indexed with Google. This plug-in requires you to create two additional files after the plug-in has been activated and permissions changed. After that, its a self-cleaning oven. Updates, sets recheck times. It gets the job done. You can download the plug-in here.

5. NextGen Gallery

NextGen is a beast! It’s the only Photo Gallery plug-in I use. There are also add-on plug-ins that work very well with this. You can manage galleries very nicely and even crate albums. There is a nice widget extension as well. I have used this on a few websites. It has the options to set how many thumbnails to display in the widget and even set up a random rotation of images from a particular gallery. You can add gallery Main Images as well as update text for each image in the gallery. Just a wonderful plug-in. Cheers! You can download this plug-in here.

6. Smart Youtube

Smart Youtube is a great plug-in if you have youtube videos. I had a client who needed a video gallery of his youtube videos. I scoured through many wordpress plug-ins to get an album view. I think I ran through every last one until I got to this plug-in. You are able to pull in play lists, a youtube user account, related videos, and all kinds of settings. This plug-in sets up a nice paginated gallery of youtube videos. You can download this plug-in here.

7. Simply Show IDs

Simply Show IDs adds a new column to your post, page, and category edit view that simple shows the post, page, or category ID. I started out telling clients to hover over the link and just grab the ID. That didn’t go over too well. This plug-in puts the IDs right in the admin and makes it easy for the end-user to grab. Certain plug-ins need this to redirect to a certain page or condition for a page/post. This has come in handy many times. You can download this plug-in here.

Hope these were insiteful. I will update as I think of more later. There are some plug-ins that are fantastic to recreate carts, membership sites, landing pages. etc… But that will be for a later post.


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