Google Block Search Engine

So I was up last night, working… surprise surprise, and I ran into a funny thing with Google. I went to enter a keyword to search and Google Blocked me! Ugh… The keyword I had entered seemed suspicous, enter a captcha to proceed. Funny right? So I try just random words, like “happy”, and the same thing. Is this new? I have never seen such a thing like this before. To think Google has added spam blocking techniques on their general search engines. But I wonder, WHY?!?!

I share my connection, but both computers on this line were experiencing the same thing. If google doesnt want us to search their engines, we can very well find another search engine! Little ol’ Yahoo! isn’t too far away… I actually started on Yahoo! and had no idea what a google was! Ha, my parents actually introduced me to google… Kind of funny. And they are not the most computer saavy people. Anyways thats my rant on Google. If anyone had seen this, please let me know! We’ll find a new search engine! :D